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18 March 2024

Sussex & Surrey IOT suite opens at nescot

The Sussex & Surrey Institute of Technology were delighted to take part in the inaugural Teen Tech Festival at the Amex Stadium in Brighton.

The Sussex and Surrey Institute of Technology (IoT) at North East Surrey College of Technology (Nescot) celebrated its opening on Wednesday 28 February with a launch event for more than 60 guests. While visitors toured the state-of-the-art facilities they enjoyed hands-on activities showcasing the range of resources and training opportunities available at the newly-opened IoT.

The IoT at Nescot is the first new space to open as part of the Sussex and Surrey IoT. It specialises in digital technologies, offering courses and apprenticeships from software development, cyber security, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and networking to cloud computing, data handling, ‘internet of things’ and IT support.

Industry employers discovered how working with the IoT can help improve skills development. Our employer partners including NatWest, Roche Diagnostics, Southern Water, Pearson and Gatwick Airport work closely with us both in recruiting and upskilling staff and in developing curriculum, providing work experience and mentoring.

Julie Kapsalis, Principal and CEO at Nescot said, “We were delighted to welcome our first guests to the IoT at Nescot which was buzzing with activity the whole day. It’s been wonderful to showcase our specialist digital technology facilities, resources and training. We are looking forward to working with businesses and partners to address current skills gaps and prepare for future skills needs.”

Paul Rolfe, Director of the Sussex & Surrey IoT said, “It was fantastic to be at the opening of the first Institute of Technology space here at Nescot. I am very proud to have such state-of-the-art facilities, teaching and learning, to enhance skills development across our region. I am thrilled that so many important employers and businesses could join us today.”

Find out more about the IoT at Nescot please on their website.