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HTQ Software Developer DipHE

Software developers design, build, install, improve and maintain software to meet user requirements. Our Software Developer DipHE is aimed at people wishing to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to begin a career in software development. You could be just starting out or maybe thinking about a career change or to further develop your skills.

This Software Developer DipHE, which can be studied full- or part-time, is a Higher Technical Qualification. Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQ) are approved against occupational standards decided by employers so you can be sure that what you are learning is relevant to industry.

The core units are:

·      Introduction to Programming ·      Introduction to Cyber Security
·      Computing Technologies ·      Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
·      Introduction to Web Development ·      Working in Computing Industry
·      Large-scale Data Processing ·      Security & Dependability
·      Web Application Development ·      Integrated Group Project
·      Object-orientated Development & Testing ·      Data Structure & Operating Systems

Typical Job Role(s): Application Developer, Mobile Application Developer, Software Developer, Web Developer