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Engineering Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship

The broad purpose of the occupation is to provide specialist technical support for engineers, so that organisations can develop, produce, or test new/existing products, processes, or procedures and meet customer specifications in terms of quality, cost and delivery, as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Engineering Manufacturing Technicians gather information and analyse data from a range of sources and make decisions, solve problems and produce and/or update technical documentation, reports, or specifications, covering areas such as quality, reliability, production schedules/targets, costing or other technical documentation that informs others (internally or externally); Further to this, they will state what needs to be done, such as how a product must be designed, manufactured, tested, modified, maintained, stored, transported, or commissioned/decommissioned.

Successful learners of this programme will achieve a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Engineering as well as the Level 4 Engineering Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Standard.

Typical Job Role(s): Manufacturing Engineer Quality; Manufacturing Production Engineer; Manufacturing Procurement Engineer; Quality Engineer; Costing Engineer; Test and Commissioning Engineer; Installation Engineer; Process Engineer; Production Support Engineer